Do you know? In India, less than 20% of engineers are preferred by recruiters for any jobs. Seems shocking, but that’s the reality, proves the National Employability Report of Aspiring minds. Their recent report has stated the status of employability of Indian engineers continues to be extremely low with more than 80% engineers unemployable for any job in the knowledge economy.

Every year more than 5 million engineers finish their studies, attend interviews in a hope to get placed on a job. But what happened was in contrast to that. A majority turn unemployed since their skill sets are no match to the job requirement. Hence the recruiters face issues in hiring the best to meet their demands.

Then Vs Now

One may ask why recruiters consider it as a problem now? The answer is that the companies are not interested in training everyone like before, rather they demand “Unexceptional Engineers”, who are ready skilled. Experts find revision of recruitment as a result of economic condition and budget constraint, which had directly affected the company’s backbone.

Not limited to skill sets, but also the regional economic conditions have also created setbacks for engineers to work on lower pay grade. Hence to meet the expectation of students, deemed institutions and premium institutions such as IIT, have come up with job demanding courses and smart programmes.

This ensures pass-outs from top 10 institutes to get placed on top companies with reasonable pay grades. Contrary to that institutions following out of trend curriculum creates engineers with less knowledge of new age tools and methods. For example, take a look at Manakula Vinayagar Institute Of Technology. The university ranks second place among the top 10 institutes in Pondicherry. The premier institute produces exceptional; engineers who satisfy the major employment space in engineering. It’s because of the following reasons

  • First, Curriculum at MVIT meets the trend and demands of recruiters.
  • Second, the institute board invests one third of its revenue on research and development and ensures the students learn new short programmes and intermediary courses meeting international curriculum.
  • Third, MVIT signed MoUs with reputed firms for collaboration, internships and training programmes.
  • Fourth, MVIT tie ups with renowned organisations such as Hackerearth.
  • Fifth is the highly skilled staff with prior industry experience and academic knowledge.
  • Sixth is the eco friendly and student friendly environment that makes students settle easy and learn innovative things.
  • Last but not least is the state of art facilities it has. MVIT upgrades its academic facilities every term meeting international standards.