How Do YouTubers Earn?

YouTubers earn through multiple channels including advertising revenue, super chat, channel memberships, etc. Advertising revenue is generated when an advertisement is displayed, overlay in your video. 

Partner and monetize videos

After winning the hearts of a considerable amount of viewers, you'll get an option to partner with YouTube. The partnership will allow YouTube to display advertisements on your video and you would earn money, every time a viewer views your video.

Association with brands

A large active fan base makes you the preference for many brands. Brands then offer you a win-win situation to feature their products in your videos in exchange for monetary benefits and free products.

Branding with your own niche

A great way to promote your channel is to collaborate with brands and popular peers. Recently Black sheep paired with Micset, Finally and other popular Channels and created videos. This trend helped YouTubers promote their own name through the brand.

Wanna increase Views ?

Over 5 million people have found and subscribed to at least one friend on YouTube using friend-finding tools

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