#FAQ A few frequently asked questions

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Toppers Navigator Engineering Entrance Examination is an initiative of Toppers and Navigator to help aspirants join top institutions with scholarship benefits and opportunities. Have a query, click here.

Like SAT, TNEEE acts as an entry card to India’s best deemed universities and engineering colleges. Candidates who attend TNEEE are guided with education counsellors to get seated in a reputable institution. Also, students scoring the best are awarded with scholarships and opportunities to reach atop.

Yes, TNEEE is completely free. Students can take the examination anyplace with just a registration. All you need is a device to access TNEEE.com and strong internet connection.

Register yourself with basic details and tour the website.Locate the course you desire to study and hit take exam to attend the exam. Do your best and wait for the results. Once results are published, our executive will guide you to join the course of study, post briefing you about the top institutions and scholarship facilities available.